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We’re a dream team!

We are a team of sleep industry professionals, ex-professionals, and regular consumers that got tired of the lack of unbiased opinions around sleep products, specifically pillows. There are hundreds of different companies and pillows that consumers can purchase. We review the most interesting, recommended, and mainstream pillows on the market. Our pledge is to never be influenced by a manufacturer and always provide you with the most objective report of the products we review, so you can make the best decision. Our promise to you is that we will always remain objective and never influenced by a seller/manufacturer.


The most often asked question we get is, “how do you make money to buy and review products”? This is a great question. To give the best, full unbiased review, we need to be treated just like the average consumer, therefore we do not accept direct upfront payment from companies for a 5-star review. Running our website, buying products, storage, lighting equipment, photography, and testing equipment, is not cheap. To help pay for these expenses, we provide links to our reviewed products through Amazon or other affiliate networks. These links don’t cost you anything but tell Amazon or the affiliate that we sent you there. In return, Amazon or the affiliate provide us with a very small percent of the sale of that product.

We are supported by you, our readers. To help us out, please share with your family and friends, share our posts on social media, add our link to your blog/website, and please use our product links.

We thank you for reading our reviews and providing us with feedback so we can continue to enhance our analysis methods and provide you with the best reviews.