Which pillow is best for me?

Depending on how you sleep or your personal preference, there are many different pillow types to choose from. We analyze and review all different types of pillows so you can read our reviews and find the best pillow for how you sleep.

Feather/Down Pillows

The classic feather pillow has been a staple for years. Feather and down pillows offer comfort, plushness, and some adjustable support. The feathers used in quality pillows are usually down or a combination of down and another feather. Quality feather pillows have a unique feel and provide breathability. 100% down pillows are fluffy and light but don’t provide high support. These pillows are best for people who like the feather feel, want scrunch-ability, or like a flatter pillow.

Filled/Down-Alternative Pillows

Filled and down-alternative pillows are made to give the feel of feather/down pillows without the actual feathers. They can be filled with various materials from shredded foams, microbeads, and fibers. These pillows are best for people who want the feather pillow feel but without the actual feather. Generally, these pillows are hypoallergenic.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows cradle your head and give you contouring support. These pillows have a doughy feel allowing your head to sink in. These pillows uniquely adjust to your individual shape, which allows your shoulders, neck, and head to rest in a natural position. These pillows tend to sleep a little warmer than a standard feather or down-alternative pillow. These pillows are best for someone who wants contouring and a doughy feel.

Latex Foam Pillows

Latex foam pillows provide uplifting support for your head and neck. Unlike memory foam pillows, these pillows have some spring and bounce. These pillows are best for people looking for a foam pillow with uplifting support and a cooler sleeping foam pillow.

Hybrid Foam Pillows

There are some new foams on the market that set to provide the best of both worlds between memory foam and latex foam. These pillows provide the pressure relief of memory foam while also having the spring and support of a latex foam pillow. If you are looking for a mix or the best of both world, these pillows are great.

All of these pillows are made in different shapes and sizes. It is also important to determine which loft and firmness are best for you. Both of which are usually dependent on your own personal comfort preferences, but sleeper position, height, and weight can also factor in.

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